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Cross-posted, but not really

Hello dear readers, I've been quiet for quite a long time as I spent a few years after graduating college in 2018 not-reading, except to skim through cookbooks and look at the photos. That said, I never really let go of the book world. I still spent the last five years buying books and adding to my TBR (to-be-read) list, subscribing to audiobooks and generally maxing out my Los Angeles Public Library digital loans and holds (often on magazines, but I made earnest attempts to get back to a reading kind of life. I've also continued to volunteer for organizations geared towards encouraging the creation and consumption of literature. Right now I feel like I have achieved that return to reading, finishing at least a book a week (mostly audiobooks, but I've managed some in text format too! both are totally valid forms of reading). Anyway, the logical next step was to start blogging again, and I said as much on . As usual, I'll be posting adult

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