Alethea Allarey is a former bookseller and always/forever book lover. Read Now Sleep Later started in 2009 as a journal of books she was reading at the time, and a way to help publicize her store's events (Borders, may she rest in peace).

While no longer blogging regularly, she remains active in the book world and volunteers for the annual Pasadena Loves YA festival (she does the graphics and updates the website).

You can find RNSL on Instagram at @readnowsleeplater, on Twitter @rnslbooks, on Facebook, and on Tumblr (which, as is most of Tumblr, kind of a mixed bag). You can find her personal Instagram @frootjoos, her art at @allareyart, and her cats at @johncarterandmars, if you like that sort of thing.


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