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If anyone's reading this, and I'll be really surprised if you are, you may be wondering what happened to the blog. I had a lot of content on my original blog,, which I paused a few years ago when I switched to Squarespace and 

Long story short, I didn't feel like I was blogging enough to warrant continuing to pay Squarespace to house my blog. Also, as I was feeling lazy, I ended up losing a lot of data which I hadn't exported from the blog before shutting it down. But all in all, I feel OK about moving forward from where I am now. 

I hope this post answers a few questions for my blog readers and people who send me books to review, and if you have more that aren't answered here, please feel free to comment or message me directly (readnowsleeplater at gmail dot com). 

Where can I find book reviews, giveaways, and events for picture book, middle grade, and young adult books?
Those would be at, where you are currently.

What can I find at
You'll find general posts about me, reading, crafting, and any reviews of adult/general audience books. Stuff like nonfiction, knitting, painting, ceramics, sewing, etc. I also read a lot of mysteries and romance. I will also post stuff about pop culture such as TV and movies I watch, music I'm listening to, and podcasts which are totally my jam right now.

For authors, publicists, and publishers: Are you accepting ARCs/promotional copies, Netgalley and other e-ARCs, giveaways, blog tours, and other publicity?
Kind of? I'm trying to be selective and not say yes to everything. 

For one thing, I almost never take anything that's self-published or small-published (yes, yes, this is a holdover from my bookselling days, which were long ago, but have deeply shaped my reading preferences). Sorry not sorry, but your books *will* find their audience with or without my help. I am just one little blog in a world that no longer really reads blogs. You are not missing out on much.

For another, the two years I spent finishing my college degree and working full time put me off of reading for fun for a while, and I am just now recovering, thanks to Los Angeles Public Library and their crazy ridiculous amazing selection of eBooks and audiobooks. 

Lastly, I have such a deep, deep backlog of books I have purchased but have not read. If you look up the word "tsundoku", the first thing you see should be a photo of me and my bookshelves overflowing with the unread. If I reviewed one book per week, I would still have more than enough to review without buying (or getting free for review) a single book for the next 10 years, roughly... 

Tl;dr -- If your publisher is Macmillan, Hachette, Penguin/Random House, HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, along with my other faves, Scholastic, Chronicle, Bloomsbury, Candlewick, Disney, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Abrams, Harlequin... Yes, I'll probably take it. I will post the review on the appropriate site. If it isn't from one of these publishers, and we have no prior relationship, you are still welcome to ask (my email is above), but please don't take offense if you don't hear back from me. I get a lot of requests and I almost always only respond to ones I'm accepting for review.

Sometimes I post my informal reviews and in-progress comments on Goodreads. You are welcome to try and friend me there. I tend not to accept accounts that look like they're going to be spamming me, or ones where we don't seem to have any books we like in common.

Where can I follow you on social media?
You can find RNSL on Instagram at @readnowsleeplater, on Twitter @rnslbooks, on Facebook, and on Tumblr (which, as is most of Tumblr, kind of a mixed bag). You can find my personal Instagram @frootjoos, my art at @allareyart, and my cats at @johncarterandmars, if you like that sort of thing.

Will the old archived posts be coming back?
Slowly but surely, yes (and probably from newest to oldest). I have to check that images and links are still loading, then they'll be back. 

Also, anyone with GDPR concerns, I use a custom domain so I can't see the notice, living, as I do, in the US. But Blogger should be compliant with the new law as far as I know. P.S. anyone who reads this via email, you all should have an unsubscribe now link at the bottom of every email you receive automatically -- please use it if you are no longer interested in the blog. Thanks!


Well, that's it for now. If you have more questions, you have a variety of ways to reach me, so have at it! 


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