MTV Reality ... Catfish ... don't watch it because you think it's real

I watch the tv show Catfish on MTV.  I don't watch it because I think that it's realistic or because I trust that real people approach Nev and Max with their legitimate online relationships.  I'm skeptical about these people, about the show, and about online relationships in general.  And I think that's why the show exists – to try and help people be more skeptical.

If you are unfamiliar with Catfish, these two guys Nev and Max go around and help people out who say that they are in an online relationship but they've never actually met the people they're in the online relationship with.  And then it's like well ... are you really who you say you are?  Probably not.  And then the camera crew comes along when the two people actually meet and then they talk it out.

Sometimes it's a happy ending.  Often, it's a fake profile created by somebody who isn't who they claim to be. 

Max and Nev use the power of the internet to try and verify claims before the meeting and they walk us through the various tools they use such as the infamous Google image search and reverse phone lookups. 

I ship Max and Nev; that is, I think they would make a good couple and their bromance would make a decent relationship.  There's no actual evidence that either of them desires the other; but that's the beauty of shipping.  People don't get a say in who they get shipped with. 

In the most recent episode of Catfish, this guy was in a failing relationship and he probably decided to try and find something new online rather than try to put more effort into saving the relationship he had with the mother of his children.  I won't spoil the outcome of the episode but... I wasn't surprised. 

Catfish is shot with a variety of cameras include a handheld Canon point and shoot. Which I find particularly inspirational because I like the idea that you can use a small compact and get decent footage that you can broadcast on basic cable.  Anywhats... this is a loose recommendation and if you've seen one episode I don't think there's a real necessity to watch them all.