Go to Europe, kill people and others, all for some coins - Grimm Volume 1

Disclosure:  This is yet another title I've read using Netgalley to receive access to a digital galley.

Grimm Volume 1
By Jose Malaga, David Greenwalt, Jim Kouf, Marc Gaffen, Kyle Mcvey

Grimm Volume 1:  The Coins of Zakynthos

I don't watch the NBC tv show Grimm.  So reading this book served as an introduction to the characters and stories.  Except this doesn't do a really good explanation of anything other than the basic mechanic:  There's this guy from Portland, and he can see monsters disguised as normal people.  He's a detective but sometimes he kills them.  And then he goes to Europe in search of some McGuffin and meets up with his mother and some other lady who also kills.  There's lots of violence and not a lot of plot.

There's all sorts of monsters.  Some are part dogs.  Some are part wolves.  Some are part turtle.  But I feel like the art didn't really express this wasted opportunity.

I really didn't care for the writing.

I know people who watch this show.  I don't think I'll start.