The Last of Us: American Dreams (Graphic Novel)

Disclosure:  This is another review of a digital galley I received via Netgalley

The Last of Us (The Last of Us: American Dreams)
By Faith Erin Hicks, Neil Druckmann

The Last of Us:  American Dreams

Apparently this is the prequel to some video game that much like so many video games I have not played.  I mean come's not called The Last of Super Mario Kart:  Mushroom Dreams.  It's a dystopian future where a zombie fungal outbreak has ravaged the world and the survivors live in a militaristic stronghold.  Also there is a resistance movement called The Fireflies.

There's a girl.  Who comes to a military school and then she and some other girl break out and then there's a fight and then there's some zombies and then there's just a little bit of information trying to answer the questions you have from the setup and I kind of want to know more.  So I like the story and the art and even though I'm a little zombie-weary this was a quick read and hopefully if you already know about this game, this is the sort of thing you'd like.

I don't know how a Sony Walkman would survive that long ... especially finding batteries to feed it.

People who haven't played the game:  try this graphic novel, you might enjoy it and it might encourage you to look at the game.

People who played the game:  you probably want in on this.

People who don't read:  you haven't read a word of this have you.