You guys don't even know. But this is the worst thing ever. (Irv's Burger)

I know I try to be positive in my chuffed posts but all of my feels are weepy on this one. 


What you say?  What is Irv's Burger?  Irv's Burger was this charming burger stand on Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood.  And the lady.  Sonia would draw a little picture on your plate.   And she was the nicest lady ever.  AND NOW IT'S GONE. 

 Just for me.  This is a drawing of me.  :'-(

Just for me.  This is a drawing of me.  :'-(

 Here's an old article before yesterday's closure:  LA Times, Longtime West Hollywood burger joint is in a pickle and must close

And then Eater told me that they closed.  Irv's Burgers Folds in WeHo 

Nobody seems to share my pain.  Nobody seems to share my feels.  I think part of my sorrow is that I didn't get a chance to say goodbye.  These were really good people and I don't know what happens next for them but I think they deserve better.  *sigh*