Batgirl. I like the part that isn't the Death of the Family

I have to write this one quickly as I'm running behind schedule and if I don't actually put the words down I'll forget and block it out because I'm not really keen on this review.  Normal Netgalley Disclosure:  I read this as a free digital galley from NetGalley.

Batgirl Volume 3:  Death of the Family

Right, so where was I?  There's this girl, she's Batgirl.  At one point she had a spinal injury and was confined to a chair but she was still an awesome crime fighter and now she can walk and she's a bit bitter about the whole getting injured thing.

There are so many things that happen in this volume the collection suffers because it's here then there then somewhere else. 

In the beginning she and Catwoman are involved with a secret society of Owls whose Talons fight. 

Then there's a bit with the Joker who is crazy and wants to marry her.  But dismember her so she can't leave. 

Then at the end there's a plot line where her crazy brother is crazy. 

I like Batgirl.  I don't like these story lines.  It's too all over the place and confusing to a person who doesn't follow the stories.  I have no idea who these owls are.  You would think that if there was a secret society that was running Gotham, Batman would have noticed them ages ago.  And why is the police commissioner allow his crazy son to run rampant around Gotham?  I'll recommend this title only for people who like Batgirl.

Oh hey, this has the part where they introduce the transgender character.  I thought that was fairly well done but had no actual relevance to the plot.  Points awarded for having a normalized male to female trangende character on the periphery.