Lazarus - dystopian future where powerful families have one member who won't die but will kill

disclosure and disclaimer:  I am very tired.  I received access to this book, Lazarus Book One:  Family as a digital galley from Netgalley.  This post is made without financial consideration beyond the amazon affiliate link to product. 

Lazarus Volume 1 TP
By Greg Rucka

Lazarus Book One:  Family

This is a graphic novel that collects the first four issues of a new series set in a dystopian future where elite families rule over large areas of land.  Each family has a genetically enhanced lazarus who apparently can cheat death and is used as an enforcer.  In Book One we mainly deal with Forever Carlyle whose family controls California.  There is an attack which suggests impending war with their southern neighbors.  Forever is dispatched by her father to investigate. 

I enjoyed the concept and the little bit of story we receive in this volume.  I am eager to read more of Lazarus.  I think there's a lot of potential for great storytelling here.  I do wish this book was longer.  Might be only recommended to mature audiences who like violence in their media. 

I was initially put off by the title and cover.  But fear not; this is not a story about a blue zombie.