New 52: Catwoman Volume 3: Death of the Family

Disclaimer:  I received early access to this title via NetGalley.  I have not yet received any financial compensation for this post and since it's not filled with glowing superlatives about the content I don't expect that it will cause me to be receive financial compensation.

I have read Catwoman Volume 3:  Death of the Family

This is either an excellent time to start reading DC Comics or a bad time to start reading DC Comics.  The New 52 I'm told is a coordinated reboot of all of the DC characters, including the entire universe that is Batman and Gotham and so forth. 

Batman, Robin, Nightwing, Catwoman, Red Hood, Batman Inc, Batman and Robin ... there could be more.  But all of these characters are interacting in a cross over event which is Death of the Family and I don't exactly know what's going on but the Joker is really creepy and weird. 

Even more so than normal. 

Catwoman is doing her normal super burglary, robbing things and ending up in traps sprung for her by the Joker who is jealous because ... I think it's because he's jealous of her relationship with Batman.  The Joker has a bit of a man crush? 

Then there was a story where Catwoman is trapped in a sealed vault with a bunch of occult objects...the arm of an Irish boxer.  A sword that cuts things.  A book that releases a demon.  A haunted tank. 

Then there's two other parts to this book.  One involves an unidentified crime lord whose formality – he forces his underlings to wear suit jackets – thrills me to think that unlike the insane Joker we might have a proper villain like the Penguin.... oh please. 

At the end there's a confusing bit of back story regarding Catwoman trying to find out more about her past since she must not be able to remember or she is also very confused by the retcon.  But ... sometimes I wonder if Catwoman steals just to get attention from Batman.  I would guess it's like when your pets destroy things to get your attention.  Acting out and what not. 

I like Catwoman.  I'm not too keen on the Joker right now.  He's gotten too ... weird for me.  I would recommend Catwoman for people who like Catwoman...