Dinobots! Grimlock is King! Cybertron is a wasteland and we're all going to die...

Disclaimer:  I received early access to this title via NetGalley.  I have not yet received any financial compensation for this post from anyone but I'm still choosing to write this post before eating because I have skewed priorities.

I read Transformers Prime:  Beast Hunters Volume 1 .  I liked it.

From what I can gather this is a collection of the first four issues in the Transformers Prime:  Beast Hunters series.   I haven't really paid attention to Transformers comics and I haven't seen all of the movies so I'm not say a rabid fan of the Transformers.  I do have fond memories of the 80's cartoon and I very much wish I had dinobot toys growing up.  Dinobots are cool because not only do you have robots that transform but you have robots that transform into dinosaurs.  Double cool.

There was a war on the alien planet of Cybertron and now the inhabitants are running low on the Energon they require for survival.  Things are getting so grim that in issue 1, DInobots Sludge and Snarl go off to save an outpost from a menace that is draining Energon out of autobots, draining them dry and killing them.  (Or killing and them draining them) .

After that plot arc which was very handy in setting up the situation for people like me who weren't very clear on how we got here, we get a bit of action with what look to be real dinosaurs.  The part where the dinobots face off against their dinosaur counterparts was fun that reached out to my inner child. 

I would definitely recommend this to fans of the Transformers and the Dinobots.  If you've managed to read this post, maybe this is you.  I enjoyed the art, especially the cover of the first issue where Grimlock is transformed into his T-Rex form and is breathing fire while ripping apart metal (scraps).  The writing was satisfactory.