Trader Joe's Cold Brew Concentrate

I've stopped going to Starbucks.  Well...I've stopped going every day.  I think I've been once this week.  Other than the change in weather, what happened?  My Gold card has a low balance -- but I'm only two stars away from a free drink!  And I discovered a substitute that is convenient, more affordable, and ... oh not having to fight with parking is also in the convenience category.  Okay, third attribute:  it doesn't taste like somehow somebody doesn't know how to make iced coffee. 

Trader Joe's Cold Brew Concentrate.  I'm being lazy and not posting a picture. 

I keep a bottle of this in the fridge.  Whenever I want it, I walk over to the kitchen, pour some in a cup, dilute with water and blamo!  Coffeetime commences.  A bottle costs less than $10 and it suggests that it makes eight cups.  Iced coffee at Starbucks costs what, $1.95 per cup?  (I am unable to really analyze because I can't suggest that I'm creating equal amounts because of the displacement by ice.) 

And I'm reusing one of my Starbucks cups so it's good for the environment.  Err less bad for the environment.