Cronut? Done that. What's next? A Donut Croissant from VONS

Way back on National Doughnut Day the internet informed me of the most mystical donut in the world, the Cronut.  The Cronut is a hybrid donut with a flakey croissant developed by chef Dominique Ansel for the self-named Dominique Ansel Bakery.  It's only available in New York and it's $5 each and people line up for hours because there's a limited quantity every day.  There's a black market for these things where people can sell them for $100. 

So here I am in Los Angeles wishing I could have a cronut without spending the hours and hundreds to fly to New York. 

In the meanwhile, many attempts to replicate this mystical pastry have popped up.  In Pasadena we have the Brioughnut at Confexion Cupcakes.  And now we have Donut Croissants at Vons.  Vons, the division of Safeway.  Yeah. Grocery stores are selling croissant donuts.

$5.00 for four of them.  No lines.  No plane trip to New York City.  No ... bragging rights. 

2013-09-30 20.56.49.jpg

They also have like some powdered one or something. I don't know. I'm more interested in the glazed anyways.

Right, so I don't like Safeway bakery donuts.  I generally don't like their glaze or something.  The sugar and sweetness leave my mouth unhappy.  Hard to explain.  I just know they aren't good.  And I usually remember this after I've had one.  My favorite donut would be a freshly baked Tiger Tail from Donut Man. 

They're thicker than your normal donut.  I liked them alright.  Actually considering my prejudice against them, I'm kind of recommending them.  Or praising them?  I don't know.  It's like ... maybe I need to eat more of them to have a conclusive opinion. 

They're decent. They're pretty good. I'd eat them again.  I don't think they're as good as the authentic cronut.  But much like the flawed ideas of mercantilism, the mass market industrial application of the idea has destroyed the super idealized cronut.  This has made the consumption of this item a wee bit less special.  But at the same time, we theoretically can use the mass market to bring a greater amount of happiness to a greater population.

Anyways, eagerly anticipating the next food fad.  Deep fried quinoa twinkies anyone?