Two Dots

Move over, Tetris. My friend Colleen got me to download Two Dots, a totally addicting puzzle game for iOS and Android, and while it took me a while to get into it (I got stuck on level 5 for a week!) I completely love it now.


The gameplay is fairly simple--swipe two dots to remove them from the screen. Swipe a square (4 dots) to make all dots of that color disappear. Swipe a bigger square (8 dots) to make the middle dot a bomb, which then zaps the surrounding dots away. Easy, right?

In reality, minimalist rules don't equal simple gameplay. The layout is sometimes skewed by barriers to skew your idea of which dot will fall to an area you have cleared. Each level also challenges you to complete a particular goal within a certain number of moves (like collecting x dots of each color, or dropping y number of anchors, black dots which can't be swiped). If you fail, you lose a life! Lives regenerate every 20 minutes, so if you run out, you have to go find something else to do until you can play again, or spend real money to buy 5 more lives. You can also buy 5 additional moves (if you are this close to finishing a level, that may be an option) or a bomb power-up you can place anywhere to blast some dots off the screen.

I love the isometric designs and the music (so much so that I bought the soundtrack on iTunes for $4.99! And really the only reason why I'm typing this review up on my phone right now is because I ran out of lives.

Oh look, a notification--My life meter is back on full!

Price: Free (with optional in-app purchases) 

Social: Facebook Connect

Source: I purchased this app from iTunes.