Sleepy Hollow - Call Waiting

*Advance apologies because part of why we tried to start this blog was that we wanted to write about things other than books. So pardon me if I ramble as I am totally not used to writing about television.


Ever since the unholy bliss that is Netflix Instant Watch added my favorite show on earth, Arrested Development, and the rest of my favorite shows in the known universe (but I digress), I have been mistrustful of new television shows. I have been picking and choosing very carefully and often end up watching shows that are already a few years old. I watch them over and over again to the point where I think I may have used up their license for Reggie Perrin. :(

Then I heard Clancy Brown was going to be on a new show. And who is this handsome young Brit? Oooh John Cho who went to my high school. And Nicole Beharie's voice acting is so good I don't even have to look at her face (it's a very pretty face, so I do actually look at it a lot). Orlando Jones pretty much clinched it.

My husband and I just finished the first season, and I have to say it was time well spent. The jokes made me laugh (like they're supposed to), the sad parts made me cry (like they're supposed to), and the creepy parts--ok, maybe most of them weren't that creepy but more gross... I don't remember what my point was. Just watch this clip while I drool over Tom Mison (you may drool over Nicole instead if that is your thing).

I can't wait for the next season.

Sleepy Hollow is on Hulu Plus and aired Monday nights at 9 on FOX.

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