iOS App Update: Find My Friends

Apple makes this app called Find My Friends and it lets certain people know where I am or at least where my phone is.  Apple released an update to the app this morning, updating the look for iOS 7 and I don't know what internal changes have been made.

Here's how Find My Friends is useful:  I told it to tell me when my mom arrives at my current location.  She's supposed to stop by to drop something off.  When she gets close, my phone should tell me so I don't have to be suddenly surprised and race around looking for shoes to answer the door.

I suppose more often I use it to check up on if a person is in transit and how long I think it will take them to get here.  Ah, traffic.

Today's update includes little pictures of your friends from your address book so it's easier to tell on the map who the various dots are.

Overall I like this update better than the recent update to iBooks.  Kind of missing the skeumorphic bookshelves.  New iBooks for iOS 7 looks like the bland white gradient newsstand.  How long until Newsstand and iBooks are integrated?

iTunes Store:  Find My Friends