Rent the Sapphires on iTunes for only $0.99

I know some people made fun of the last 300 Blockbuster stores closing. But you know ... in this crazy day and age we don't need to put on pants and leave the house to rent a movie.  Especially when iTunes let's us rent movies for less than a dollar...

This week (November 12-19, 2013) we have The Sapphires which a fun film about a group of Australian Aboriginal women who sing for American troops in Vietnam.  Features Chris O'Dowd.  Based on a true story.

DY:  I think I gave this film four stars but I didn't write it down so that's a guess rating.

Oh, you probably would like a link.

iTunes:  The Sapphires

Rated PG-13.  Apparently depictions of smoking now cause review boards to mention that in descriptions of ratings justifications.  Oh, and there's a war.  So there's some violence.