Kirkus reviews The Shadowhand Covenant, Brian Farrey's new Vengekeep Adventure

The Shadowhand Covenant comes out October 22nd and is the sequel to The Vengekeep Prophecies.


Partial quote / paraphrased Kirkus Review with link: 

 Through mayhem and twists, Jaxter's cheeky attitude keeps this second volume flowing. 

 Jaxter is the main character.  The lad on the cover.  Second volume as this is the sequel.  I mentioned that above.

It opens with classic Grimjinx shenaningans: a craftily narrated sham funeral, arranged to empty the mourners' houses for easy thieving. Jaxter returns from his apprenticeship to join the mischief. Soon after not-actually-dead Nanni reappears for supper, Jaxter, Ma and Da are summoned by the Shadowhands, "elite thieves-for-hire" who operate in total anonymity.  High-spirited fun, with complexity and surprises.  (Fantasy 8-12) 

Kirkus Reviews:  The Shadowhand Covenant