Book Movie Release Dates: The Fault in our Stars and The Maze Runner

I noticed a tweet from Box Office Mojo with new release dates for upcoming film adaptations of YA superbooks The Fault in our Stars  and The Maze Runner .  I cannot express how excited I am to cry my feels out this upcoming June 6, 2014.  That's the listed date for TFIOS.  And The Maze Runner it seems has been pushed back to September 19, 2014 from an earlier February date.  Which I'm hoping means good things because sometimes an early calendar release suggests a studio isn't confident in the film.

The Host (March), Beautiful Creatures (February), Warm Bodies (February) .  Of course sometimes you get The Hunger Games (March) so this isn't a rule.  More like a bunch of half-clued commentary from someone not involved with the production of films.

I hope to see you at the theatres (midnight June 5th)!