TUAW: Owl City's Adam Young says he created IOS 7's sounds

You know.... Owl City.  Had that one song that was really popular to the point where you might have found it kind of annoying?  (Fireflies) 

Or if you prefer and were a fan of Wreck It Ralph, When Can I See You Again?  (End Credits) 

Anyways, apparently Adam Young of Owl City has taken credit for some of the new sounds in IOS 7.  I don't find this too surprising; one of my early reactions to hearing the new sounds and ringtones in iOS 7 was something like:  that sounds kind of poppy and electronic like Owl City.  (Circuit , Night Owl  especially so).  I still can't wrap my head around By The Seaside  though.

TUAW:  Owl City's Adam Young says he created iOS 7's sounds