Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, everybody! Don't forget, it's the last day to enter to win in the Spooktacular Giveaway Hop!

I almost never do anything for Halloween but ever since I read Kendare Blake's Anna Dressed in Blood, I've wanted to dress up as her. 

I lucked out and found a thrift store top I could cut up and make into the bodice...

I couldn't find a skirt to go with it so I made a circle skirt (it was pretty easy since I left all the hems pretty tattered... my cats helped rip up the tulle underskirt for that authentic, just-clawed look. 

I think this is the most makeup I've ever put on at any one time, too. My husband was good enough to help me paint my back white and draw some veins on...

That's the front! I decided to leave the neck wound out of it as I'm pretty gory already and also the fake blood takes ages to dry. I didn't want to be scrubbing it off my work desk for the next week.

Here's what I started with. $4 at Goodwill!

Before the blood... really glad I thought to put the dress out on the porch and splatter it at about midnight, rather than wait til morning. If I'd gotten blood all over the car interior my husband would really have killed me (just kidding! but he would have made me scrub it out of the upholstery, probably). I covered it in blood at about midnight and at 6 am everything was still pretty drippy. 

But as long as I didn't get it all over the apartment carpet, I'm going to consider this a win. 

We didn't even get candy for people this year -- oops! We may have to swing by the store on the way home. And I might need some Whoppers and Candy Corn.

Did you dress up, too? What's your costume? Feel free to post links to posts or photos!

If you're on Instagram you can find me @frootjoos and see my dress #aletheadressedinblood

Happy Halloween! Don't make yourself all sick on candy! :D