It's My Birthday!

My favorite profile pic, in which I am wearing a panda suit
and getting a hug from my friend Drew. I was 32.


So, never mind how old I am. In my mind, I will always be sixteen going on seventeen, and not just because I love musicals. Or wearing panda suits. Actually, it's awful sweaty in there; I hate wearing panda suits, but I do love hugs, and I love Drew's laugh because you can hear it a mile away. (It's true!)

I'd love to stay home and read all day on my birthday (after making a trip to the bookstore of course) but I do have to work today because I hate leaving my coworkers in the lurch unless I am ill or have no way to be online for 8 hours (like I will be at ComicCon next week!). At least I get to use some vacation time and get out a little early to watch The Lone Ranger with my pal David, before I get my husband to take me out for sushi. (Fingers crossed on the sushi part.)

On my birthday, I spend $1 to buy a lottery ticket. It's the only one I buy all year. I haven't won anything so far, but I do get a free Slurpee at the same time, so it's not bad. And you already know that if I ever win even a few million I am totally going to spend it on books (whether for myself or for others).

So if you're near a 7-11, have a Slurpee and think of me! Sweating away the pounds in a panda suit.