AFK - I'm at Comic-Con 2013

So yeah, as much as I would love to live-blog everything from San Diego Comic-Con, you should know that as soon as I enter the convention center, my phone crosses its arms and goes "Nuh-uh" even when I try to sign it on to the free Teen Wolf Wi-Fi. sigh.

Anyway, assuming I occasionally end up near a doorway to the outside world and some kind of data escapes from my phone and onto the Internet, it'll probably be on Instagram (and Tumblr / Flickr) or Twitter.

I'll technically be back Monday BUT that's the day I get to see John and Carole Barrowman up close and personal! Also, don't forget to sign up for to hang out with a great bunch of YA authors at Barnes & Noble Americana on Saturday the 27th -- Summer of YA! Click here to see the author list.

You can also check out a guest post and giveaway from Shaunta Grimes on Sunday the 21st, so we're not totally in the dark all weekend.

Of course there are also these great giveaways going on -- Kindle Fire HD, anyone?

I'll miss you guys on the blog, but if you recognize me (or my co-blogger, Thuy -- say twee!) out on the #SDCC floor, hit us up for a bookmark :)

Be back soon!