The Knit Spot (7)

The Knit Spot features characters spotted knitting in books.

This week we feature Emily Gravett's The Rabbit Problem!

This book is hysterical! Not only does it teach Fibonacci's sequence, it amuses the eye and tickles the funnybone with funny little motifs for each month. It's an unusual but effective bit of visual storytelling. I love February the most because they bunnies are shown knitting "Fibonacci's Wools!" and there is a cute but fake knitting pattern that will have knowledgeable knitters in stitches.

The abbreviations for the pattern include the usual (k.=knit; p.=purl) as well as the unexpected (sa.=start again; gl.=good luck!) Come to think of it, in actual knitting those are pretty unexpected and often unwritten instructions, haha!