Uncovered (3): Love in the Time of Global Warming

Hi, everyone! Welcome to Uncovered, a feature that I usually do over at our sister site Nite Lite Reviews. When I feature a YA cover, I cross post it here on RNSL so you all can join in the cover fun. Let's get to is, shall we?

This week I have Love in the Time of Global Warming by Francesca Lia Block. I've had my eye on this cover for a little while now and I love it more each time I see it. Butterflies and birds have been pretty popular on covers lately, but I can't complain because I really enjoy the sort of bursting forth imagery they are often used for. And indeed, it does look like something is bursting from the mind of the young woman on the cover. I also really like the woodblock style illustration on the lower half. At first it looks like just water but then I see the house, flower, and an eye, all of which intrigue me. The cover itself tells a story and it makes me want to know more about this book.

I would read this for the title alone (I am a fan of Love in the Time of Cholera), but the cover makes me want to read it even more. Love in the Time of Global Warming won't be released until Aug 27, 2013 (Henry Holt & Co).

Are you sick of birds and butterflies yet or do you love them like I do?