Author Event - Libba Bray at Vroman's

I'm back with another event recap! Libba Bray stopped by Vroman's in Pasadena, CA on Oct 14, 2012 to sign her new book The Diviners. To tell you the truth, I haven't had a chance to read any of Libba's books yet but my friend Crystal is a huge fan and she convinced me to go. (But let's be real. It's not that hard to convince me to go to a bookstore.) 

Crystal and I arrived pretty early so we had a nice lunch down the street and made it back in plenty of time to do some shopping before the signing. This signing was a pizza party, which we had no idea was happening, and the Vroman's staff brought in two giant pizzas to share. And by giant I mean they were like 3 feet in diameter. I wish I had gotten a picture of them but I forgot. 

There was a really good turnout for the event. I love weekend events because I don't have to take time off of work to go. Win win. Libba came out on time and proceed to entertain the crowd. She is a great public speaker and was super funny and cool. She started off with a blast from the past by reading us a 5th grade story she wrote called "Death Castle." "Death Castle" was pretty brilliant (and by brilliant I mean ridiculous and awesome). The story is about 4 girls who go into a haunted house and fall down a lot of holes and eventually get eaten my werewolves, vampires and other paranormal creatures. There's time travel, too.

Libba talked about how she really wanted to write a book about post 9/11 America. She also wanted to write a supernatural historical story. During her research she noticed that there were a lot of parallels between post 9/11 American and 1920's America and it inspired what would become The Diviners.

She opened up the floor to questions and someone asked her how often she got to hang out with Maureen Johnson. I think she mentioned something about how Maureen doesn't like to venture out of her own neighborhood so they see each other less than you would think, given that they live in the same city. She also said that Maureen was "delicate, like a flower." :)

When asked which of her books was her favorite to write, Libba said Going Bovine. She also said that it was the most emotionally biographical book she's ever written. 

I have to say that, after this, I am totally a fan of Libba Bray. She seems like someone you would want to hang out with because she would be super fun and you'd get into all kinds of shenanigans. And shenanigans are the spice of life. So yes, I plan on reading her books soon.  Thanks, Crystal, for asking me to go with you. I had a great time. 

If you're interested, we have a few more pics in our Facebook album. Anyone else out there a big Libba Bray fan? Which book should I read first? :)