Onyx and Obsidian Giveaway (INTL ends 10/5)


Hey all!

A little late, I know. Onyx is out there... On Kindle (as of today, 9/29/2012) it's only $4.99!

Since I now have it for Kindle, I don't need my paperback! For that matter I also have an Obsidian paperback in need of a good home, so you have a chance to win them!

I will pick a US winner for the paperbacks, and a non-US winner for the Kindle copies (please note, if you are not in the US and cannot access Kindle editions, either find out how you can or don't enter! We're not giving away a Kindle, haha ;)

Must be over 13 or have a parent/guardian's permission to enter. Good luck!

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