Bloggiesta 2012

Sept 28-Sept 30, 2012

I haven't done Bloggiesta in a while. It's back, and so am I!

This will be my main post for the event. I am going to the OC Children's Book Festival on Sunday so I'll really only be on Friday and Saturday evenings.

Even if I just get a couple of things done, it'll be well worth the time spent, I'm sure :)

Here we go!

Click here for the Sept 2012 Mini Challenge List

As of 3 am Saturday: 4/8 mini-challenges done
Time spent: 7 hours

  • Wrote blog schedule in Astrid
  • Made monthly blog list in Astrid
  • Updated review template in Evernote
  • Printed and filled out blog calendar for the rest of 2012
  • Installed and used notebook app for blog post ideas (My Wonderful Days)
  • Installed and used Pocket app in browser and devices for web clipping
  • Graded my site (84/100! Pretty good)
  • Assigned 301 redirects (I think I fixed it, anyway... hard to tell.)
  • Started 1 out of 2 reviews I need to finish mini-challenge #8
As of 11:25 pm Sunday: Still 4/8 on mini-challenges
Time spent: 9 hours
  • 2nd of 2 reviews started but neither is ready yet. Long day at the book festival! Will finish up belated Bloggiesta soon.

My to do list:

1. Mini-Challenge: Organization and Scheduling Posts (totally done!)
Seriously, even if this is the only thing I get done this weekend, it will help so much!
  • Make a blog schedule (done! Sat)
  • Make monthly blog lists (done! Fri)
  • Use templates to take notes for reviews before I forget what I read (done! Sat). I already have post templates which Thuy refreshes every so often.
The Astrid app has these cool reusable checklists!  I made one with the weekly schedule.
Hey look! I made a blog to-do-list with Astrid.
This has my blog hops, blog tour commitments,  and things I should not miss.
I also made note templates in Evernote so I can just edit them on my iPhone while I read.
I used to keep up with this a couple of years ago, but fell out of the habit.
2. Mini-Challenge: Notebook and Calendar (done! Sat)
I can't do a notebook--I'll just never look at it again--but I can do a calendar! This ties in with the previous mini-challenge.

I printed this and here it is all filled out:

I put a lot of stuff that I've already read in October. I only have 15 days left in the year without a post, which sounds pretty good!

Also, instead of getting a physical notebook I got My Wonderful Days - there is a free version but the paid one is only $1.99 so why not. I like that it syncs both iPhone and iPad so I can use it on either and only paid once. It only lets you write on today's date and previous dates but not in future dates, which is interesting. I really just have to think about Now and Today and jot down ideas.

3. Mini-Challenge: Pocket App (done! Fri)
This was super-easy. I followed The Book Vixen's instructions and added Pocket to all my devices. I'm already using it to save all my Bloggiesta posts that I haven't quite read ;)

4. Mini-Challenge: Print Your Blog
I really want to do this, but I might not get to it this weekend. :( I still have to prep for OCCBF!

5. Mini-Challenge: 20+ Discussion Post Ideas
I don't really like doing this type of post, but I liked the 10 Book to Movie Adaptations Coming in 2013 prompt, so expect that soon!

6. Mini-Challenge: Grade Yourself (done! Fri)
I got an 84, which sounds pretty good. I'm still waiting for the Klout (I had it linked to my personal account instead of my page) and 301 redirect to update, so I'll check again in a couple of days to see if it helped. I think this is my favorite and most useful mini-challenge. Thanks SmashAttacksAsh!

7. Mini-Challenge: Review Policies
I am just terrible at keeping up with these.

8. Mini-Challenge: Review Catch-up (started)
Can't Eat Just One. I will write and post at least 2 reviews during Bloggiesta. Or else!

All right, I think that's about all I have the time or energy for. Updates coming soon!