You Are My Only - Review

Publication date: 25 October 2011 by Egmont USA
ISBN 10/13: 1606842722 | 9781606842720

Category: Young Adult Realistic Fiction
Keywords: Kidnapped, Mother/Daughter relationships, Family, Trapped
Format: ebook, Hardcover

Emmy Rane is very young and unhappily married to a mean man. The only bright spot in her life is her Baby. Baby is her love, her life, her four month old child. And one day, when she's on a swing, Emmy goes inside to grab a blanket. And comes back to find Baby gone.

Sophie is home-schooled, works hard for her rigid mother and never gets to meet anyone or go out and play. She has no friends and spends all of her days studying. That is, until one day she meets a neighborhood boy and everything changes. Sophie begins to question everything about her lifestyle, her mother and herself.

You Are My Only is a beautifully written story about love, family and loss. Kephart's switching between Emmy's point of view and Sophie's point of view is flawless and leaves the reader wanting more. Emmy's voice is very strong. Her emotional response to her missing child seems real and heartbreaking. As she plummets deeper and deeper into despair, Emmy's journey takes on a few unexpected turns.

In contrast, Sophie's voice is equally strong, but in a different way. She's curious, suspicious and cautiously optimistic as she begins to explore the world outside of her home. As Emmy's life is spiraling down, Sophie's life is building up. She makes friends, disobeys her mother and starts to learn more about herself in the process. For me, the best part of reading this book were the strong narrations and the changing of point of views. This kept the story flowing quickly and easy. And the ending is perfect.

Take a chance and read You Are My Only, a well-written and emotional book.

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