Wedding Anniversary 2012

Back hallway at AbricottDinner time! #instagrubAbricott Restaurant (which is full of books)Balance of Power by David Lovejoy at The Last #Bookstore #LosAngelesLabyrinth at The Last #BookstoreAlexander McCall Smith $1 each! If you can find them in the Labyrinth
Where's @ninjoblio?@ninjoblio in the labyrinth at The Last BookstoreThe Last BookstoreThe Last #Bookstore -- our fifth and last stop for the day@thepophop #bookstore number 4 (summer sale til 6pm today! Come on down for 15% off used books!)3rd #bookstore of the day Vromans Pasadena
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Wedding Anniversary 2012, a set on Flickr.

I met my husband at a bookstore.

Wait, it gets even better.

We met because we were both working there for a short time, and it wasn't until years later when we no longer worked together that we became friends and eventually dated.

My mama always said that she married my papa because he was the only guy she knew who read almost as much as she did. Well, it must have been important for me as well :D

My husband reads very different types of things than I do, but once in a while we find common ground: Carlos Ruiz Zafon, Patrick Rothfuss, George R. R. Martin... He is not a huge fan of YA, but he really loves Mary Pearson's The Adoration of Jenna Fox, which I can agree with :)

So for our anniversary we visited bookstores and even a book-decorated restaurant. Here you can see some photos from the places we went! We missed taking pics at a few of the stops, but here's what they were:

1) Once Upon a Time in Montrose, CA
2) Nucleus Gallery in Alhambra, CA
3) Saladang Song (Thai restaurant) in Pasadena, CA
4) Vroman's Bookstore in Pasadena, CA
5) Pop Hop Bookshop in Highland Park, CA
6) The Last Bookstore in Downtown Los Angeles, CA
7) Abricott restaurant in Pasadena, CA

I love the area we're in--so many book lovers, so many indies! And I love that I have my best friend around to share it all with.

I'm looking forward to sharing many more books and adventures with this guy.

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ninjoblio & friends