Author Event - Shadow and Bone Launch Party

Guess what finally came out this week? You guessed it - Shadow and Bone! I've been waiting all year for this book to come out and I finally have it in my hands (insert evil laugh here). Alethea and I are lucky enough to live pretty close to Skylight Books where Leigh had her launch party on Monday night.

We arrived pretty early which was lucky because it got packed. Skylight did a fantastic job of organizing the party. Attendees were greeted at the door by a lovely candy and champagne table. There were all kinds of tasty treats including chocolate kisses, Jordan almonds, gumballs and cake pops. As you can see below, the tablescape was beautiful as well. We didn't get to eat too many snacks since we were staking out seats and later the food area was super crowded. But everyone else seemed to be enjoying their candy and champagne and it looked wonderful.

dreamy tablescape

all kinds of candy

alethea wants to live under this tree

After some mingling and hanging out the event officially started. Leigh got up and talked about the book. She actually started off with a story about how she found  part of a book that she had written when she was in junior high. It was about two fraternal twins, Jareth (sorry I don't know if I am spelling that right) and Blood. Of course, with a name like Blood, the girl could only be an assassin. Leigh talked about how Blood was a badass and how that's what she wanted to be like at that age. She also talked about her writing process and how she had to kind of trick herself into writing the book. She had that nagging inner voice telling her that the book wasn't any good and she agreed with the voice, telling it that she was just writing it for fun and that no one would ever see it. She just wanted to be able to finish it. And finish it she did and got it published, too.  And at the end, she thanked her family and friends for helping make her dreams come true. There were some tears, but they were happy tears.

leigh reads an excerpt

There were also some awesome people in costumes at the signing. We're so sad that we didn't get pictures of them but there were a few people in Russian wear and they looked fabulous. Also picked up a few buttons from the event which we promptly wore.  Leigh also raffled off a really fun Russian spa package (we didn't win) that had a Russian wool beret in it. I was excited to hear that Leigh is going to make some Shadow and Bone inspired nail polish sets to give away at events. I wish I had gotten a closer look at the set but it looked cool from where I sat. It is my mission to try and get them at some point. :)

make your own candy bag!

look at these cool buttons

Afterwards we got in line to get our books signed. Alethea actually got the last copy of Shadow and Bone in the store. My ninja skills came in handy and I managed to grab the last book. We're so happy that Leigh sold out the store.  It was a very classy, fun event and we are so glad we were able to make it.

I just started the book a couple of nights ago and am loving it so far. I think you should all go out and buy a copy now. Leigh is on tour with Fierce Reads at the moment (that recap coming soon, too) with Anna Banks, Jennifer Bosworth, Emmy Laybourne, Leigh Bardugo, with Jessica Brody and Marissa Meyer. That's a seriously awesome panel and I can personally say that all of the ladies were fantastic and funny. If you are near one of their tour stops, definitely go. It's so worth it.

Skylight will have a podcast of the entire launch party up soon. Their podcast page is here. It's currently not up right now but it should be up soon. We also have a lot more pictures in our Facebook album. Hope you enjoyed this recap. Let us know - have you read Shadow and Bone yet? Were you at the party? We'd love to hear what you have to say in the comments. Thanks for stopping by!