Author Event - Marissa Meyer at Once Upon A Time

Yes, yet another recap. Promise it's the last one for this week. Last week just happened to be an insane week for author events. Right after the Fierce Reads Tour, Marissa Meyer had a date at one of our fave indies, Once Upon A Time. Even though I had just seen Marissa at Fierce Reads (I'm not stalking her, I swear!) I was excited that she was getting her own date the OUAT.

Marissa started the event off by talking about how she got into writing. She wrote fan fiction for Sailor Moon for a long time (maybe 10 years) before she decided to tackle a full blown novel.  Someone asked Marissa if  she would ever take one of her old fan fics and re-write it into something new and she said no, but that they were still available on the internet for anyone who wanted to read them. 

Marissa let slip a few details about book 2 of The Lunar Chronicles. It's going to be the story of Red Riding Hood (yay!) and Cinder will appear in all four books. Also, the character of Wolf sounds super dark and sexy. Swoon.  I really, really can't wait to read Scarlet. 

I can't remember what Marissa was talking about here but it's pretty cute. After more questions Marissa got down to business and started signing books. I had my copy of Cinder signed the last time Marissa was in town so I just said hi and fangirled a bit. Marissa is so cool and nice. I had a great time at the event.

A picture of food because that's how my mind works. Yum! Thanks to Once Upon A Time and Marissa for a wonderful event. We also had a fun little blogger meetup afterwards with Crystal from Elegantly Bound Books, Sophia from Sophia The Writer, Kimberly from The Windy Pages, Emily from Emilord Entertainment, Kate from Now That's Filmworthy, and Aly from Kid Lit Frenzy. YA Booktwins were also there but they couldn't stay to hang out. 

Those are all the events I have. We've been busy bees are RNSL. You can see a few more photos in our Facebook album. We're taking it easy this week but next week - RICHELLE MEAD at B&N Santa Monica. I am so there. :) 

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