Author Even - Fierce Reads Tour Kickoff

Hello again! I hope everyone is having a great week. Today I am going to recap that awesome event that was the first tour stop of the Fierce Reads Tour. We were lucky enough to be able to attend the kickoff at Mrs. Nelson's over in La Verne. The store is quite a bit of a trek but it's so worth it. The store is seriously stocked with all kinds of children's, MG, and YA magic. I wanted to buy at least half the store and only managed to refrain slightly. 

So we showed up and the store had a whole wall dedicated to the tour. Books from all 6 authors (Anna Banks, Emmy Laybourne. Jessica Brody, Marissa Meyer, Leigh Bardugo and Jennifer Bosworth) filled the walls. 

We sat way in the back like the troublemakers that we are. :) The picture above was early on and it filled up considerably before the panel started. Let me just say right now that this is probably going to be mainly a recap told with pictures because, bad blogger, I didn't take any notes and I can't remember too much of what was said. Needless to say though, it was highly entertaining and fun. 

Here's the whole panel. From L to R it's Anna Banks, Emmy Laybourne, Jessica Brody, Marissa Meyer, Leigh Bardugo, and Jennifer Bosworth.

anna and emmy

Anna is super dry and sarcastic and she made us laugh so much. Anna talked about how she believes in real mermaids and Sasquatch and how she might just one day right a Sasquatch romance (which I would totally read). 

Emmy was super cool and funny, too. And did you know that she was in Superstar? Awesome. She talked about how she went on vacation and wrote Monument 14, thinking that it was going to be great and that the book was actually really long. She came home from vacay and actually read her contract only to discover that the book she was supposed to turn in was supposed to be much, much shorter. So she basically had to re-write the book but that she excised a lot of unnecessary scenes and that the book was better for it. 

Jessica said that her book, My Life Undecided, was inspired one day while watching The Hills. She thought that the characters made such terrible decisions on the show. She had the idea that they should do an online poll to determine their decisions. Her husband pointed out that it wouldn't be logistically possible on a real television show, she decided to put it in a book. Jessica is also super funny and animated and had everyone in stitches. 

And yay for Marissa Meyer! I loved Cinder and Marissa is always super cute. She talked a bit about her fan fiction writing days and about how she was inspired to write Cinder one day after having a dream. In the dream she saw an image of the traditional Cinderella heroine only, when she ran away, her whole foot fell off instead of her shoe. She woke up with the idea of a cyborg Cinderella. :)

Leigh Bardugo's book, Shadow and Bone, just came out last week. We were able to go to the launch party which was awesome.You can see the recap of that even here. Leigh talked about how she got the idea for Shadow and Bone one evening while on a trip with friends. She stayed behind to read a book and was caught in the dark. "Country dark" as she called it where it was pitch black and she thought that someone was in the room with her, which scared the crap out of her. Luckily, she was safe but it gave her the idea for the Shadow Fold.

OMG I totally have a girl crush on Jennifer Bosworth. I kind of want to be her best friend even though she probably already has one. Jennifer's got a really dark sense of humor and she talked about her fascination with cults and scary movies, plus she has awesome hair. One of the projects she is currently working on is called The Knife Sharpener's Daughter which, she said, she is writing because the title is so awesome. I could not agree more and I will be first in line when that book comes out. 

Then there was signing. Lots and lots of signing. You can see the big stacks of books below. 

this picture is for kimberly :)

We milled about a bit afterwards...maybe stalking Anna Banks. We kinda wanted to talk to her because she seemed really cool. We ended up having a debate about hot dogs vs baguettes. It's a long story which isn't suitable for young ears but it was one of the highlights of the evening.

So that's my recap. Pardon my poor paraphrasing. If you want more details on the event and even some video/audio of it, we suggest you pop on over to our friend Nicole's blog, The Reader's Antidote. Nicole was the official blogger for our tour stop. Check out her recap and also enter to win all of the books from the tour on her blog. You can also see more photos from the event on our Facebook album. I hope you all enjoyed this not so brief recap of the event. If you can't already tell, this is a great lineup. If you live near any of the stops I highly recommend going.

Until next time! :)