Day 2 ALA

I adore: authors from the anthology The Letter Q
from left to right, Brian Selznick, Arthur Levine, David Levithan ('s ear)
Sorry, I have a pic that has David's lovely face also.
Will post soon. But that's what I get for taking candids.
Can you see him? It's George R. R. Martin. 
Marie Lu is gorgeous and charming!
I'm going to wait and buy Prodigy in hardcover so I can match my copy of Legend, haha!
Can you develop OCD in your 30's? Because I just might be doing that.
Best part of the day: I hugged R. J. Palacio.
She is awesome. I almost cried on her.
You should read Wonder.
2nd best part of the day: Blake Charlton was quite a revelation--he gave a speech before Lois McMaster Bujold and GRRM spoke. It was witty, on-point, and very moving. I hope someone caught it on audio and video. 

Everyone go look up Blake Charlton right now and read his books. #awesome
You can find the whole ALA Annual 2012 album here