Attending ALA Anaheim 2012 - Links and Guides

Hey all! ALA Annual 2012 will be held in Anaheim right here in sunny Southern California!
I know I have a heck of a time keeping names straight (not to mention finding everyone's pages and so forth) so I'm making a page for it... if you are attending #ALA12 and would like to share your info here, please do so in the appropriate section!

Attending Authors: Webpage only (Please only add your url here if you are a) an author AND b) attending ALA Annual 2012. Add Twitter names in the appropriate linky below.)

Attendees: Webpage only (If you are not an author but are attending ALA Annual 2012, please add your url here and in parenthesis, mark your role: librarian, blogger, etc.--see example. Add Twitter names in the appropriate linky below.)

Twitter @names and #hashtags (Make sure you add the whole URL where needed, not just your username, or we won't be able to click on it!)

Guides and Resources (I don't want to write a whole brand new guide to etiquette, what to do, where to eat, etc. So let's all just add the links to resources and guides right here. Deal?)