Author Event - Summer Lovin' Tour

Happy weekend, friends! I hope you all had a nice week or at least that you have something fun planned for the weekend. Dropping by to give you a recap of the fun event that we went to earlier this week. Jenny Han, Jessi Kirby, and Moran Matson made a stop by Once Upon A Time to kick off their Summer Lovin' book tour.

There was a good crowd, given that it was a Monday night. It was actually a lot more crowded than I expected it to be. The ladies were just what you would expect, super fun and laid back. It was little bit like watching three really good girlfriends get together for a slumber party. Jenny had the other ladies play the fun game of Marry, Date, or Kill where you have three people and you decide which you would marry, date, or kill. Jenny cracked us all up when she tried to explain that she would marry Voldemort because she thought she could change him and make him a better person (I am skeptical about this plan). And Jessi Kirby said she would marry Gale while Jenny and Morgan said that they would kill him. Harsh!

After a brief Q&A with the audience, the ladies got ready for their autographing session. I "fixed" Jenny's broken camera (she dropped it earlier) while she signed my book. I really didn't fix it but offered to and it magically started working when I tried to turn it on. So I am going to just say that I fixed it. 

And I missed the cupcakes, so I was a little sad. Just a little.  We also hung out with some blogger friends including Jen & Mary from YA Book Twins, Kimberly from The Windy Pages, and Maggie from YA Anonymous (who had an awesome camera). You can also find a few more photos on our FB page here

As always, Once Upon A Time puts on a great event and we had a ton of fun. Thanks to Jessi, Jenny, and Morgan for making it out to the store and being so awesome. Are any of you going to the other tour dates for Summer Lovin'?