Tag, I'm It!

Ack! I usually just ignore these things but my good friend KimberlyBuggie was the tagger, so I can hardly say no, can I? She's just too cute! And she's surrounded by bunnies... Irresistible.

So, here goes:

1. How did you get into blogging?
I taught myself HTML... it must have been 1997? I was heavily into Buffy the Vampire Slayer and ended up creating my own website where I reviewed episodes and quoted the show (but only food-related quotes!) Eventually I moved on to reviewing books, music, movies, and just blogging about everyday life. I found that I liked focusing on a single aspect as it was too much work to keep up with everything else and still hold down a job, so I picked my favorite topic--books!

2. What fictional character would you most want to be best friends with?
Alexia Tarabotti from Gail Carriger's Soulless series. But I look awful in hats, so Ivy can continue to hold that post.

3. What fictional world would you like to visit for one day? As character or as yourself?
Ixia/Sitia from Maria V. Snyder's Study and Glass books! In fact, if you read Sea Glass (Glass, Book 2) I'm already there. (Thanks, Maria :) Best bookseller credit ever! I am an ACTUAL fictional character, not just by name--that's really ME! haha!)

4. How do you buy the majority of your books? Indie book store? Larger chain or Internet retailers?
I used to work for Borders, so I don't buy from Barnes & Noble unless I have a good reason, like attending a signing. I try to balance buying from Amazon (for my Kindle, and for great savings) as well as Book Depository (for foreign books and giveaways) with buying from my local indies: Vroman's, Once Upon a Time, and Mrs. Nelson's. I also really super-love The Last Bookstore in L.A. I know I probably shouldn't support big bad Amazon, but let's face it--I'm not made of money, and buying full-price is expensive! I try to spend at least $20 at each of my indies per month. 

5. Do you buy a book based on its cover?
Heck yes. I've been suckered once or twice, but most of the time the inside is as good as out. Like Entwined by Heather Dixon, gorgeous!

6. What does your TBR pile look like? (Picture?)
Ohmyword. Let's see if I can get them all in.

In my defense, some of these are sewing books.
But the Kindle adds about 10 feet.

7. eReader vs. Physical book. What do you own and Which do you prefer?
I prefer the physical books, but I also own a Kindle. Kindle's great for when I'm indecisive and in a hurry, such as about to hit the commute--and it's certainly a space-saver. I don't live in a big house.

Someday my abode will collapse and it will be the weight of all the books that tore it down. I would say I have between 2,000-3,000 books, not counting what I would have if I didn't have the Kindle D:

8. Coffee or tea?
Coffee! Unless it's an Apricot Ceylon Tea Latte from CBTL, or the Lavender Tea Latte from the same.

9. What was the last book you bought?
The Gentle Art of Domesticity by Jane Brocket. I've been pining for it for a year. Of course, now I don't have time to read it! :(

10. Most of the time, do you read the book first, or watch the movie/tv show first?

Book first if I can help it. If I sufficiently liked the book I try not to watch the movie at all unless it looks like it might really work for me, like The Hunger Games.

Phew! I made it.

Here are my questions for whoever would like to be next. Put your direct link to your Book tagged! Post into the Linky (non-direct links will be removed).

  1. How did you get into blogging?
  2. What's the last book you finished and loved?
  3. Have you ever bought--then returned--a book because you didn't like it? What was the book and why?
  4. After you read them, are your books in mint or messed condition?
  5. What's the first book you remember reading as a child?
  6. Where do you read most often? Couch? Outdoors? Audiobook in the car?
  7. If you could pick a place anywhere on Earth to read all day, where would you go?
  8. Do you have a particular book genre you avoid like the plague--what is it and why?
  9. Do you eat and/or drink when you read, and if so, what?
  10. When you're not reading, what are you doing?
Your turn!