Hot Books Blog Hop - Giveaway

Hi everyone, and welcome to the Hot Books Blog Hop! RNSL Nite Lite is hosting our very first blog hop and it is an 18+ hop. With Valentine's Day right around the corner, we figured we'd give you something to warm the bed at night.

This hop runs from Feb 3-10, 2012 and signups for it will remain OPEN during the duration of the hop. We'd like to give everyone the chance to participate and are allowing signups even after the hop starts. So please tell your friends.

Up for grabs are some awesome, but slightly risqué YA books. I will pick two winners, and those winners each get to choose a book! 

Ondine and The Autumn Palace by Ebony McKenna: So, a handsome prince is transformed into a ferret, and when that happens, his clothes tend to get (in)conveniently left behind...

R.A. Nelson's Throat: Don't worry, this isn't Twilight... Emma could rip Bella a new one--not that she would want to. She's a good girl, just a little... troubled.

Swoon and Swear by Nina Malkin: These are definitely not for most mainstream YA readers. Have a box of chocolates and a cold shower handy for these titillating paranormal romances.

R.A. Nelson's Days of Little Texas: Little Texas is an evangelical preacher, a boy-wonder--but still, underneath it all, a real boy with a ghostly crush. There are a few scenes to really make you blush!

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Please take care as you hop to the other blogs on the hop--the ones marked 18 are adult/mature blogs, but the ones without it are family-friendly. If you are signing up your blog and have books or images that could be considered "steamy", please make sure you put (18) on your blog hop link when you add it below. Have fun hopping!