Spin - Review

Spin by Catherine McKenzie
Publication date: 07 February 2012 by HarperCollins
ISBN 10/13: 0062115359 | 9780062115355

Category: Young Adult Realistic Fiction
Keyword: Music, Writing, Celebrities, Guilt, Addiction, Rehab
Format: ebook, paperback

Kimberly's synopsis:

Katie Sandford has a little problem. She's thirty years old and finally gets her dream job interview: to work for The Line, a music magazine. But the morning of the interview comes and she bombs! Why? Could be the serious drinking she did the night before. But redemption is here! In the form of... Rehab?
Katie must go undercover at a rehab clinic to get close to a celebrity known as TGND "The Girl Next Door". If she can get the scoop and write an expose on this "IT" Girl, then she'll get a chance at the position at The Line. Katie accepts, but doesn't know what it will cost her.

Kimberly's review: 

I really enjoyed this book. Katie's voice is strong and hilarious. The writing reminds me of Bridget Jones's Diary. Funny, personal and blatantly honest, Katie struggles through her time at rehab. At first, I thought she just had a bit of bad luck. But after reading further, Katie's character morphs into something more. She doesn't realize that this was probably the best place she could be--not for the story, but for herself. Katie's own self destruction is uncomfortable and frustrating to watch, another reason you can't put it down. Through the entire book, I was rooting for Katie, and you will too!

I wasn't sure what to make of her target, Amber T.G.N.D. Spoiled, damaged and suffering, her character's depth becomes more apparent as you read on. And Henry is... blush-worthy.

I'm surprised that this is considered YA. The protagonist is thirty years old, and all of her friends are older as well. The writing flows effortlessly across the page, but I'm still hesitant to call it Young Adult. Well written, I stayed in and read all day. I wanted to know what would happen: with Amber, with Henry, with the expose. Start reading Spin in the morning, because you won't put it down until it's done.

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