Winter Wishlist - Week 3

A seasonal meme hosted by yours truly! for more info--join in the geeky fun!

Week 1: Write about Books or Bookish Things that you would love to get.
Week 2: Write about Books or Bookish Things that you would love to give.
Week 3: Write about a charity/nonprofit/community group that works with books and/or literacy.

Winter Wishlist - Week 3
Nonprofit for books and literacy: First 5 LA

Well, this was not originally the group I wanted to write about, and I have spent the last 4 days trying to remember what it was XD and finally just decided to pick one.

I think First 5 LA is great because they focus on family literacy--helping parents become more literate so that they can have a shared learning and social experience with their children. It's SO important that a child's parents be the primary drivers of their desire to learn and read, but no matter how many books come out that can appeal to both parents and children, it's no good if the parent is not comfortable enough in their own reading skills. You can read more about them at

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