Winter Wishlist - Week 1 (2)

A seasonal meme hosted by yours truly! for more info--join in the geeky fun!

Week 1: Write about Books or Bookish Things that you would love to get.
Week 2: Write about Books or Bookish Things that you would love to give.
Week 3: Write about a charity/nonprofit/community group that works with books and/or literacy.

Winter Wishlist - Week 1
Books and Bookish Things I'd Love to Get

I'm not saying you need to get me these things--I just want to give you an idea of what your book-loving, novel-reading, fiction-addicted geek friends *might* want to get for the holidays, or just any old day.

I found even more bookish things!

Love Your Librarian tee by AlisonRose
For the librarian in your life--AlisonRose's Etsy store has some super-cute stuff!

Also, just about everybody I know mentioned reading with a cup of cocoa this week. Must be the weather--brrr! You can make a simple gift for your bookwormy friend--some hot cocoa mix! There's also a recipe from my fave food guy, Alton Brown, and one for the lactose-intolerant chocolate drinker. 

Also... this is hard to find now, and I really hated Lauren Kate's Fallen, but I would totally wear this shirt:

Image yoinked from Amy at Reading Teen
It was only available at Borders, and I don't know if Random House put out shirts for the other books. Hello, Random House! I'll gladly buy the books if you will put out t-shirts, too. The cover art for this series is certainly shirt-worthy. (If they sold the gowns--well, I don't have anything to wear them to but I would totally just wear them around the house.)

 And now for the books:

Dearly, Departed by Lia Habel - I'll be the first to admit I love romance. I also love zombie stories. Dearly, Departed ends up being a double-win! Love, and zombies. Who could ask for anything more?

The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson - This is one of the books I *wasn't* disappointed to get in ARC form this year. That cover is pure eye-candy, and I'd love to have this on my shelf. I also have a morbid curiosity for murder mysteries and places where history meets speculation, so stories about Jack the Ripper always make it on to my to-read list.

The Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare - I'm a completionist and while I admit I can't remember what the heck happened in The Clockwork Angel (except for the last 15 pages or so, which tend to play horror-movie style in my head whenever I think about it) I will definitely read the next book. Books of Wonder in NYC has a limited quantity of signed first editions. I'd buy it for myself already except I want to make sure I buy everyone else's presents first!

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