Anna Dressed in Blood - Review

Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake
Publication date: 30 August 2011 by Tor Teen
ISBN 10/13: 0765328658 | 9780765328656

Category: Young Adult Horror
Keywords: Ghosts
Format: Hardcover, eBook

Kimberly's review:


Did I scare you?


Hmm, well I guess that's ok because I have got something that will Totally. Creep. You. Out.


And that, my friends, is
Anna Dressed In Blood.

Cas, a ghost hunter by trade and family connection, is given a tip that will change everything he has known. Given a tip from one of his sources, he is sent to a small town to confront the long suffering ghost they call Anna Dressed In Blood. An old and very strong ghost, Anna floats through the home she was killed in leaving a trail of blood that drips like water from her red stained dress. Cas doesn't think anything is special about this ghost until he tries to kill her. And then well, all hell breaks loose.

Rave reviews made me wary of this novel. How good could it be? It's a ghost story. I've read many a ghost story before. But no! While the general plot might sound contrived, once you start reading it, you'll see it's totally original. There are so many twists, turns, surprises and no one is safe. Let me repeat that. No. One. Is. Safe. From Anna.

Cas is a fantastically complex character. He is cut off from having any real friends, doomed to roam the earth killing ghosts as his father did before him. He only has his mother for company, until now. Now, he has adopted a band of misfits and unwilling ghost busters to help him kill Anna. Because he has to kill Anna. Doesn't he?

And Anna is equally as tortured and deep as Cas. Her story is not easy to hear and there is a wonderfully gross level of gore in this YA book. The writing is fast, fun and descriptions are so real, I had a lot of moments saying, "Eww. Gross." out loud.

I was given the book by my friend Alethea to review and I wanted to find out what the hype was about.
Half way through, I went to my local book shop and picked up my own copy.

Did I scare you now?
Thought so.

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Visit the author online at and follow @kendareblake on Twitter. Thanks to Tor Teen for providing the review copy. We LOVED it!