Bird in a Box - Review

Bird in a Box by Andrea Pinkney
Publication date: 12 April 2011 by Little, Brown Books for Young Readers
ISBN 10/13: 0316074039 | 9780316074032

Category: Middle Grade Historical Fiction
Keywords: Historical Fiction, African American stories, Orphans, Great Depression
Format: eBook, Hardcover, audiobook

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Kimberly's review:

The year is 1937 and the Great Depression has hit everyone hard, especially African-Americans. Three orphans, all alone for different reasons, live at Mercy Home. These three orphans, all with different stories, backgrounds, families, and histories have one thing in common. They are going to root and hope and pray for Joe Louis, the first African-American boxer to become heavyweight champion of the world.

I'm not going to lie. If not for the Diversity in YA challenge, I probably wouldn't have known about this book. I had to seek it out, ordering it from the library. I'm glad I did.

The story is filled with hope, even in dark and desperate times, these three children give each other something more to hope for. The writing is solid, and I felt Otis's story was particularly strong and heartbreaking. While Willie's story is strong, it's Hibernia's voice which caught me. Her attitude, her strength is clear on the pages, especially when dealing with her Reverend father, whose secret longing for her lost mother is finally revealed after too many years.

Well-written with three distinct voices and a strong story! Go on! Root for Joe Louis and Hibernia, Ottis and Willie too!

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