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Ink Exchange by Melissa Marr
Publication date: 1 May 2008
ISBN 10/13: 006121468X   |   9780061214684

Category: Young Adult Contemporary Fantasy
Format: Hardcover (also available in paperback, audiobook, and eBook formats)
Keywords: Faeries, Romance, Adventure

Kimberly's review: 

A dark and much heavier story in the Wicked Lovely series, Ink Exchange centers around mortal Leslie and the Dark King Irial.

Leslie’s problems are deeper and darker than most teenage girls and she’s a flame to Irial’s moth--he finds her and doesn’t want to let go. He’s looking for a way to sustain the Dark Court’s powers of lust, rage, anger. And Leslie might be the just the girl to help him. On the other side (or is it really the same side?) is Niall, who is drawn to Leslie. While his motives are less mysterious than Irial’s, they’re just as dangerous. 

Ink Exchange is heavy, suspenseful and not what I was expecting. Marr has gone in a different direction to tell Leslie’s story and wow, what a story. I had a hard time not peeking at the end of the book, or sneaking off to a dark corner for a couple of minutes to read just another page… ok, another page, one more…

Irial and Niall are on even ground. They are strong adversaries for Leslie’s attention and Leslie is worth the attention. She’s a strong female character--a survivor, and that’s what draws both of these dark fairies to her.

After reading this edition, I went out and bought the entire series.
Yeah, I enjoyed it that much.

Wow, Kimberly! Does that mean I can have my books back? XD

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