Confessions of the Sullivan Sisters - Review

Confessions of the Sullivan Sisters by Natalie Standiford

Publication date: 21 Sept 2010 from Scholastic

ISBN 10/13: 0545107105 / 9780545107105

Category: Young Adult Contemporary Fiction

Format: Hardcover

Keywords: Contemporary, family, romance


How I found out about this book: I loved How to Say Goodbye in Robot and recommended it to all of my friends, including kimberlybuggie. We were a little skeptical of the cover, but the beauty of this book is more than skin deep.

Kimberly's review:

"Every sister has a secret…”

Wow. Do they ever.

Standiford first broke my heart with her debut novel How To Say Goodbye In Robot so I was excited to read this. While all the characters in Confessions are fun, and have strong voices (Ginger in particular) the book focuses on the three sisters and the confessions they have to provide to their wealthy grandmother, or else she will cut them all out of the will.

Norrie, Jane and Sassy are such distinct narrators, there’s no way you can confuse them. And as the book goes on, it’s fun to see how the same scenes are told from each sister’s point of view. The book is broken up into three letters, each by a sister. With each confession, another layer of scandal and history is revealed. Every reader will want to know each sister’s secret, and which secret was the one that sent dear grandma reeling.

Almighty, aka Grandma, is the best. She's not like any grandma I've had, but she is a force to be reckoned with. On every page, every scene she's in, she steals the show. I can feel her disapproving eyes on me. What an amazing character!!

A great read. I have a confession too: I love Norrie’s story the most.

Alethea's two cents: Ditto what she said. Also, you need to check out ;)

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