I actually have a full month of posts planned, starting Sunday... so prepare to be bombarded with reviews and information.

Until then, I am supposed to be studying for my communicative disorders class...

Though really, I'm downloading and organizing my Netgalleys. I am SO glad I didn't get rid of my Sony Pocket yet, because as soon as bought the Kindle, Amazon withdrew its Netgalley support :( I hope they bring it back soon while my Pocket is still worth something used. I had been planning all along to send it to my mom in the Philippines. Then at Christmas I got a text that said she got an iPad... o_O"

I must be a little punchy too after 9 hours of studying, because I keep hitting the wrong links/menu options/shortcuts and I can't remember how to unset Reader Library as the default for acsm links (I want to use Adobe Digital Editions instead). In the words of Aly: "Grrrrrr."

The only big gripe I have about the Sony Pocket is that in Reader Library (the app that manages your eBooks on your computer) you have to manually delete all your expired Netgalleys one by one :( It can get a bit tedious at times.

As for my Kindle, the biggest plus is that I can convert my RTF notes for my classes into Kindle format! Woo! It's a little tricky, but now instead of reading fun books on my morning bus ride I get to read... class notes :( wait a minute.... 

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Allright, back to procrastinating with all of ye...