On Reviews and Low Ratings

In the interest of fulfilling the new year's resolution I made to review all the books that I read this year, I will be posting some reviews with less than stellar ratings very soon.

I just want to make it clear to people that when I rate books, I rate them based on how much I love them, not necessarily how much I think YOU will love them. After all, there are a lot of YOU out there, and we're all a little bit different (ok, sometimes a lot different) in our reading tastes. I give opinions so you can know what I like, and maybe, if that sounds like something you would like, too, you might read that book!

I've even chosen reading based on other people's 1-star reviews, because the things the reviewer mentions they hate about the book are things that I love, love, love! Case in point: A Reliable Wife (not YA), Runemarks, and Swoon. I think they were awesome, but most people (even some of my friends) read them and lose a little respect for me because I liked them a lot. That's ok. It evens out, since my esteem for people tends to take a little nosedive if I find out they like Fallen or Marked. :) They're very popular books, but just not my cup of tea.

As well, when I review I also take into consideration that human beings took the time and effort to produce whatever I just read. So I try to refrain from calling the author names or being too harsh. I think being critical is ok, as long as you're not just saying things to be mean to someone. If I meet any of these authors face-to-face, I try to just avoid the subject, and if I can't, I just admit that I didn't enjoy the book so much.

A friend recently told me about an author/reader blowup that happened recently, where both parties got a little out of hand. I might say that I don't like a book, but I'd never say that I wish so-and-so author and what's-her-name writer would just die already. And not because I'm an aspiring YA author (I'm not--if anything I'd probably like to write a math or science book someday, so I don't think they'll care* :) or that I'm afraid people won't read my blog. If I don't like it, I just say so, and give my reasons--and if you disagree with me, hey! That might be a great book for you to read.

So, I'm going back to reading my probably 1-star-rating book, and I'll be back in a couple of days with my review!

* I take that back. As of 3/25/2011 I *am* writing a novel. A YA novel. Never say never, I guess. I will still tell you about books I didn't like, but I won't tell you not to read/buy/like them. To each her own. :D