The Color of Magic - Quickie

I picked up The Color of Magic at Mystery and Imagination last year during LATFOB. To be more precise, Husband picked it up and made it the pick for his book club during the holidays--by far the shortest book we read all year, especially alongside the likes of Warbreaker (600+ pages) and Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell (1000+ pages, which I still have not finished).

It took me a while to get used to Terry Pratchett's verbose humor; being a geek made it a lot easier, I think, to get into the quirks of Discworld than your average fiction reader. After a while, I really got to like the main characters: bumbling Rincewind, the indefatigable Twoflower, and The Luggage :)

While only 5 of the 38 Discworld novels are considered YA, and Color of Magic not counted as one of these 5, I thought this one fairly tame (any nudity indistinct--"blurred," if you will, by the lack of specificity), and suitable fun for any teenage person with a decent grasp of British humor.