Clockwork Angel Midnight Release Party?

Let's face it, I'll take any excuse to throw a party. I already love Cassandra Clare's The Mortal Instruments series. I did a dance of joy when I found out there would be more books coming soon. And when Janelle says, Hey! Let's keep your store open late on August 30 so we can buy our books at midnight! I said--

Well, maybe.

As much as I would love to throw a party, play games, give away some cool stuff (Janelle's working on that bit :D), keeping the shop open late doesn't just hinge on my willingness to do so--it's my boss, and the cashiers, and the other booksellers, and the cafe guys--because we've gotta have some sweet sweet mochas to keep us up til we can buy our book and get it home to read until dawn. And after any good party, there's clean-up time, and so forth... So in order to make it happen, we're going to need some book reservations!

RSVP here! Come on, you know you can't resist a midnight release party.

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