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Taken with Alyson's iPhone:

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We were at Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl's first-ever launch party last year at Diesel Books. They've done about 29 appearances in the last 2 weeks alone, according to Kami--so it was no surprise that they have become seasoned pros at giving author talks. I have to say, they are a highly entertaining duo, so if you ever get the chance to see them in person, don't pass it up! Don't get sick, don't schedule your smog check for that evening, and don't let your lack of private transportation hold you back (Jane and I both took the bus!).

Some interesting tidbits, for those of you who haven't seen them or have not been reading the various fansites devoted to their book:

  • This *is* a series. There will be sequels (an undisclosed number), and the second book is already scheduled for sometime in the next year.
  • The next book is still in Ethan's voice (answer to question: Will any of the other books be told from a different character's POV).
  • Pie is very, *very* important. Delicious, tasty, important pie!
YABC represented by (from left to right) me, Damaris, Alyson, and our founder Jane. Seated from the left are Margie and Kami. I think the event attendance was somewhat impacted by it being a school night. Some of us with tests to cram for, papers to write, and speeches to memorize had convenient bouts of self-induced amnesia, so we came anyway!

Oh gosh, that reminds me.... Japanese final in 3 days (9_9) oh noes!

For more about Kami, Margie, and their book, visit and Follow them on Twitter @mstohl @kamigarcia